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If you hang long for me around, you will know that I think Pinterest is one of the best marketing platforms for online businesses. Because Pinterest is a search engine in its nature, with the right techniques and strategies, you can get amazing traffic almost instantly.

I started some affiliate marketing on Pinterest a few weeks before I started my blog. It was a new Pinterest profile with only 25 followers at the time. However, I found it to be $ 90 in sales for the first week because I was able to get my keywords correct and find some group boards so that my PIN helped to be viral.

That kind of success is completely possible. However, if you do not know the small secrets to receive traffic and find the right buyer for the products you promote, you can do a lot of energy spending, which do not give much returns.

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Marketing is a number game. The more eyes you get on your offer, the more likely you are to sell. But when you start with the new social media profile for the first time, you do not have many followers, and it looks like an impossible achievement or at least one huge climb.

That's why I like Pinterest very much. Even on Pinterest as a newbie, you can gain some amazing access. So if you do not have many Pinterest followers, do not despair. If you are not getting the traffic you want, then no worries! Are not Sales? Okay.

With a little bit of work we can kick your profile! So let's start!

Embrace # 1 Visual Search Engines
I love Pinterest very much, because this is more than the social media platform. This is a visual search engine. The key word here being the search engine. While the keywords and SEO seem to be tedious and boring in the form of the next blogger, I also find that in this example, this is a huge benefit for the new face because it gives level of playing field in many ways.

Pinterest runs on algorithms that list people's discoveries and takes care of their interests. Once Pinterest feels that what a person likes, the platform feeds the pins, which are relevant and relevant to their previous sessions on Pinterest.

The platform is like a matchmaker, who learns what each Pinterest user likes and then gives them more content in the same way.

All you have to do is help Pinterest determine what your pin is about and Pinterest will help you get out of your pins! The algorithm shows your PIN to anyone who is searching for similar words.

Pinterest's search engine is a great advantage for newbs because it level up the playing field. Get instant traction for your online business! Click on TWEET
This will suggest your account to those who have seen similar accounts. Pinterest will suggest your board to viewers of similar boards. It adds a huge amount of free advertising and incredible marketing assistance.

No other social media platform likes Pinterest!

The way you help Pinterest find people who are most interested in you and your message, SEO (or search engine optimization) is through strategy and keywords. If you use the appropriate keyworking and SEO strategy throughout your profile, you can get your PIN almost immediately in front of a large audience.

# 2 Find your keywords
The best place to find keywords for your account is on Pinterest. Keep a few hours apart to do some research. Take a pen and paper, because you want to take notes on your findings.

Open your Pinterest account and start investigating. This is not to check on some profiles on Pinterest and check what words your niche people are using. make a list. See the pin of some industry leaders and see how they are optimizing their details. View their board and details and see how they have included keywords.

You can learn from their examples, and maybe you make some mistakes that you do not want to emulate.

Next, use the search bar to locate your topics. Start with the usual words that really relate to your niche. When you type in your keywords, note the words suggested by Pinterest - you know that before you enter, there is a drop down that comes with suggestions. Write whatever is relevant.

Now enter the hit and drag the Pinterest results on your search. Look at the colored box just below the search bar, which contain words that people commonly use with your search term. Some of them are more specific or suggest related areas that may be interested in your audience. Do any of them fit in your niche?

Pinterest search results show more search terms.

# 3 Explore your niche
Just because you prefer a search term, this does not mean that it will bring the results you want. Occasionally a search term result may yield a different result than you expected. You need to make sure that you are using words that put your pin firmly in your niche.

Take a look at the pop-up pins in search results. If you use this word as one of your keywords, then these are the pins that will appear with you. Do they cover the topic in the same way you want to do?

Pin in pinrent search result

If your keyword is very broad, you can get a bigger mix of pins, many of which do not cover your topic. Keep exploring excavations, contractions, and centered words that are appropriate for you and your business.

Develop a list of keyword words or phrases that represent your niche. These words will come in handy for you to make a pin every time!

# 4 SEO Your Profile Name
Your first introduction to Pinterest users is your profile name. I promise you that it pays to pay the highest amount of this real estate! This is your first opportunity to promote yourself and tell people what your account is.

Whether you are using a business name like "Heart My Life" or base your account and branding your personal name, if you have an extra room, then using some keywords in this area Do not be scared. Those keywords can be found in the search of profiles that focus on specific topics.

If you use proper keyworking and SEO tactics on Pinterest, you can get your PIN almost immediately in front of a large audience. Click on TWEET
When I'm looking to follow or consider the accounts to follow my new followers, I'm more likely to click on that follow button if there is a keyword in the account that is related to my niche. I know that there will be instant information in the account that is relevant to my Pinterest focus.

How do you include keywords in your profile name?

You might be really smart and use some keywords on your business name. (Oops I did not do that.) If you have not done so, use a symbol to separate your name from one or two keywords. I added work from home in the name of my business and now got the position on the first page of the profile results with that keyword.

To change or update your profile name, click three points in the top right corner of the screen. A drop down appears and you want to select "Settings". The area you want to adjust is called "business name".

Profile name hack:
If you set your business name to your desktop, then you have 30 characters to work with. But I have a hack to get you more characters! Download the Pinterest app in your phone and use the phone app to add your business name. For some reason the Pinterest app allows 65 characters of your business name. It gives you double the real estate to add keywords that will take your ideal customer to your account.

Screen Shot showing a Pinterest profile name and details

# 5 SEO Your Profile Details
Next we will give you your attention on your profile details. At the bottom of your page is that small paragraph.

You get an opportunity to share a short paragraph in the "About" area of ​​"Settings" that explains what your business is. Write a two sentences and reduce your message to 160 characters or reduce it by using many of your top-pik keywords. Make sentences so natural while getting the point with some good SEO

You may have to rewrite it a few times in order to get it right, but you will be happy that you have done extra work when your ideal customers are getting your account because you have done a good job so that you can get them out Ease in .

# 6 SEO Your Board Names
We all smile from the names of those creepy boards, like "fuzzy fouls" in which there are cat pins. However, if you want to see Cat Pictures, then you're searching for a cat picks or cat photo, is not it? Think like your customer and ask yourself, if I wanted to find this information, then what terms would I write in the search box?

Churn on a list, then go to Pinterest and test your thoughts. Find the words you came from and see what type of results you get. Use the dropdown to see what boards come under those conditions.

Are the boards made by you similar? Has that search term been associated with thousands of boards? Can you narrow down the parameters to rank slightly in search?

Play with search until you find a mix of conditions you are happy with. You have 180 characters to name your board. These are many conditions. Start with the most common and add other keywords and phrases, split them with such a comma or vertical bars.

# 7 Seo Your Board Details
Pinterest allows for 500 characters in your board description, which is a lot of real estate! Take full advantage and give as much information as possible on the information collected on that board with the keywords' terms and phrases. You may start to feel like you are repeating yourself, but it is not sluggish with cues. It is super critical.

You know that when you just pinned something to a board and Pinterest pops up the messages that say, "We added that pin to the board you requested, and hey, you can also like this board Which we think is the same. "

Pinterest determines which boards are the same and there are recommendations based on your board's name and description. Want to reference frequently? This is how you do it. Use this valuable location to clearly explain what your board is about and Pinterest has all the information that it needs to help you find the people who want to see it.

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