Beginners Guide to Basic SEO|Your website and Google page # 1

Backlinks are links only from other websites pointing to your site. They are considered by the readers as a search engine for your content.

Generally, the more links you get on your blog, the higher the likelihood of higher rankings.

However, sites linking to your blog can make or break your blog. If you find links to web spam content or blacklisted domains, it's really going to be bad and can harm your SEO.

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SEO for bloggers:Definitive starting guide
If you are a professional blogger, then this is the most comprehensive guide to SEO found anywhere.

And let's be clear about one thing:

It's not some high-level technical mombo jumbo, such as robots.tx, canonical URLs, rejection of files, and other things you do not care about and do not help you.

Instead, you are going to see that SEO is about a practical and easy-to-understand level, so you can get your SEO basics.

Because at the end of the day: SEO is not difficult.

So if you want to brush your SEO knowledge, then you would prefer this SEO for beginner's navigation.

let's get started.

Chapter 1: Why also bother with SEO?
Before we talk about what SEO is and what its main concepts are, why is SEO so important for you in the first place as a blogger?

Now, you understand better than anyone that the life of being a successful blog is traffic.

Because without traffic, you do not have an email list, you can not create any affiliate commission, and you can not sell any of your products, right?

1. SEO You Get Traffic
How does SEO help you to get traffic?

The simplest description I could come up with this fancy custom graphic, in which my designer was a mock up

And this is exactly what I did when I went out of the house with more than 1 million viewers out of the 88% traffic site on my niche site last year.

Internal links are important
Basically, these are links that point to the second page on the same blog. In other words, these are hyperlinks that point to the same domain as the domain on which the link exists. From search engine stand points, internal links make your site 'crawlable'

Internal links reduce bounce rate because they point to your visitors more interesting and related articles on the same site. It lasts more time on the site, which is another indicator how useful your blog can be to visitors.

2. Diversification of traffic
Fine. Now when most bloggers I run into circles with thinking about traffic, they immediately think about Pinterest. And for good reason!

Many bloggers are now killing one with Pinterest and so it makes sense to know what's working.

Pinterest is a great driver of traffic and I am a big fan of the platform (even though I hardly know what I'm doing there).

But if you rely on Pinterest for 90% of your traffic, then you want to think about a little diversification.


Jeff, from breaking, as one percent says, "Easy Pinterest is counted on traffic day."

Pintrest Before you reduce your organic reach, Facebook has done a lot in the past few years.

I mean, take a minute and just read this article about what happened to the LittleThings website, who lost 75% of their biological traffic and literally went out of business, because Facebook (again) to update their algorithms decided to:

Link Building Link is Not Earned
Creating a link is a deliberate action to link your pages to external resources or pages on other websites. This is done through:

Blog comment,
Guest posting,
Article directories on article directories and Web 2.0 sites,
Signature of the forum,
Expired domain,
Profile link, etc.
Question: Are Links Made Natural? Share your thoughts below

Natural or biological links
Natural links are linked to earned links. You simply create an in-deputy article and it connects with readers who find it important and valuable. This is the most important link type Google value.

3. Google traffic is highly targeted
But one of the major reasons for this is that you should make SEO a part of your marketing strategy: the kind of traffic that attracts you on your website is highly targeted.

Think about it:

Suppose you want to buy a non-stick pan for your kitchen, but you are not sure which one you want to achieve, so you want to check out some reviews first.

So you look forward to Google and type "best non stick pan" and see these results:
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