Make Money From Google - In addition to being known as a search engine or search engine, Google's popularity is skyrocketing as it is rumored that the superb nominee is able to bring financial benefits to internet users. In this world, 'nothing is impossible' is true. Who would have thought, with creative and innovative ideas, you can get free benefits from Google advertising services.

As a huge internet company, which offers different services online, Google collaborates with any Internet users around the world to make money online from the Internet.

Through Google AdSense, simple things that even appear to be unexpected, it is meaningless, it can bring great benefits.

You will earn commission or payment from Google if there are blog visitors who are interested in the adsense advertising you promote and click on the visitor's ad.

So, for you who are still thinking how to use the service and how to start it, just watch it!

Before setting up the plan in this way, here are some programs that require you to take advantage of Google AdSense:

Google mail account
Create a website or Youtube channel
List of services
After completing the program, it's time to monetize or manage it so that you can benefit from your website or Youtube channel.

1 Create a website or YouTube channel

The first thing you can do is create a website or a Youtube channel. Some testimonials say that the option of making a Youtube channel is easier than making a website.

Although the method of creating is quite easy because you only register the account owned by Youtube Service, but the process of making content on Youtube requires more skill.

Unlike the website case, if you choose to monetize the website, then it is necessary to learn what is the creation of a website or blog. The easiest way, you can take advantage of blogs like Blogspot or WordPress to become Blogger.

The main task of bloggers is to create a blog, publish quality articles, and try to be consistent and attract as many visitors as possible to your blog.

However, you should buy a domain, as the hosting site address is the place where all the content you have will be stored.

Some of these service providers, among others Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy, and so forth.

Apart from the option of becoming a blogger, you can choose to become Youtuber, which is a hobby of uploading videos through the site.

Currently, Google has synchronized with youtube so that any videos uploaded to it can earn money with the record, you must enable the monetization of each uploaded video.

As a YouTuber, you just have to make as much creative and original video as possible to upload at least one video for the next video.

More Videos Then the potential of earning money from Google will open wide because your video viewer will add even more subscriber (subscriber video), so your video will be fast to make money.

2 Create interesting content

Make money from google adsense without a website
Call it a website or blog or a Youtube channel, home, then you should find creativity and interesting ideas to package content, which can distract citizens.

The more visibility, the more interesting content, the percentage of your internet visitors will be higher, which will publish the Youtube Channel along with your website or blog.

Domino is able to bring many citizens to influence, interesting content, and to go to a website, blog or Youtube channel, so their percentage is also increasing for clicking on the ads appearing. So from 'click' which can benefit you

3 Promote your content

How to earn money from google adsense
Apart from interesting content, you should also try to 'steal' the attention of internet users by making other efforts. One of them is promoted aggressively.

The promotions you can do may also be different. Trust not only on paid publicity, such as investing to earn more money. You can also use social media to share your content on websites, blogs and Youtube channels.

Can be a good way to promote various social media that you have. Specifically, in today's sophisticated era, almost all people are active in social media, and even often do not make it as the main source of information. Therefore, take advantage of these opportunities.

Do not worry too much about a person's boredom and may worry about getting repeated information. Because in fact, you can increase your curiosity so that they go to the website, blog, or YouTube channel that you have packed the promotional language that attracts attention.

Other promotions can also be done with the help of website, blog or owner of Youtube, other channels are more popular for the channel, which you know a lot of people.

The third of the above campaign, of course, should be done continuously and continuously. Create such an internet user who is not interested in getting interested initially, no care, nor do they know

Everything in this world does not have anything in common, including money making from Google. Therefore, you should follow every step you set and stop searching innovations in creating compelling content.

After the process, you go well, with the nominal revenue time from Google AdSense ads per click, it will increase.

For information, the cost per click for Google AdSense ads is usually US $ 0.1. So to get the first $ 100, you need to collect approximately 1,000 visitors who click on the ads.

Although not entirely from the visitors who come to the website or Youtube channel, for example, 10 percent will click on the ad. Then at least you should get 10,000 visitors per month or 300 visitors per day.

Hard? It may seem difficult at first, but if you are serious then you can make interesting stuff so it will be easy every day.

If you have been successful in collecting US $ 100, be prepared to withdraw money. Please note that the minimum payment for Google AdSense is US $ 100.

Enjoy the Best Deals from Google

how? Are you interested in finding extra coffee from Google?

Do not say that making money from Google is impossible. Do it, develop it, and enjoy the benefits!

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