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Human language never stops growing, every day a new word is added to our consciousness, and then, as a result, our dictionary. It is no surprise that due to the increasing popularity of digital marketing, the word "SEO checker" is running very recently. You have probably come across this word many times before and thought what it means or what it really means. Understanding the technicality of SEO is important for increasing your audience on the Internet. What is a SEO Checker? And how can it help you as a digital marketer? This article will highlight the meaning of this new word in the marketing dictionary.

What is seo?
Let's start with the first part of the post. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. People use search engines like Google, Bing and others to find answers for those topics. One study shows that 93% of online experiences start with search queries. Shocking, is not it? Any online business website or blog should be made possible by researchers to make all possible efforts, increasing their traffic. Therefore, every digital marketer wants his post to rank on the first page of search results. If online search was a game, then the SEO rules would be through which you can score goals. Seo is like a person trying to impress everyone, and fortunately we have a clue that likes it.

What is a SEO tester?
A SEO checker is a tool or a program that evaluates your content and tells you how it is "liked" for a search engine. A SEO Checker is definitely the best friend of your content.

What is SEO like?
Think of it this way, SEO has many buckets that you should fill. The more you fill the buckets, the more it likes your content and gives it a higher rank. Your final goal should be to fill up all the buckets. There are as many as two hundred buckets that aim to fill SEO. Such a demanding work, is not it? A little, but luckily, a SEO checker can help you a lot. Here is a short list of important ranking factors (buckets), which will evaluate SEO checkers:

Keywords at the beginning of a titleGoogle, the most commonly used search engine, will give your content higher if the keyword is included in the first part of your headline. In other words, Google likes this when your title contains keywords initially. Therefore, if you are confused between the two titles, and only the beginning of the keyword, then always go for it.

Content Length
Studies show that Google now ranks more articles A long article means more information and actual effort from the author; Google would like its researchers to find you. Write at least one thousand words for content that you want your SEO checker to like.

Authorization is associated with backlinks. A backlink is a hyperlink that links back to your own website from a webpage. The number of webpages connecting to your website means that you have reliable and reliable information that people want to read. The more people join your website, the more rights on your website will be. It also means that your website is relevant to a specific topic. Besides, the quality of those backlinks is another thing you should pay attention to. Websites linking to you should be relevant to your topic, so quality matters as much as it is.

Page loading speed
Page Speed ​​is an important bucket that you should fill in Google to rank your website. If your page seems to be forever in loading, especially on mobile devices, then Google will put your website on the first result page?

Migration time
The time a researcher spends on your website is also a ranking factor. Do researchers leave your website as soon as possible? Or do they go from one article to another and take out your time to read your useful material? If visitors stay long on your website, Google will treat your website as useful and informative.

Why Should a SEO Tester Be Your Best Friend?
SEO tools can evaluate your website or content and give you a notice that your content is not sufficient, or if there is a place for improvement. For example, Google Webmaster Tools offers many features. Get Google as Google tells you if Google can "crawl" on your site using your URL. Crawling is the process by which Google's robot (Googlebot) has detected new pages added to Google's search results. Page Speed ​​Insight is another feature that measures how fast your page loads on a desktop or mobile device. Keeping in mind that mobile search queries are more than desktop searches, page speed on mobile devices is becoming very important. In addition to Google, there are Check My Links. This is a broken link checker that highlights any broken links so you can remove them from your content. why is it important? Broken links hurt your SEO, so this tool helps you avoid it. To try, a free trial test tool is given by dotcom monitor. You can try your own website or your competitors by entering the url and seeing the results. We liked this tool because it shows you not one, but many places (which is usually USA). Finally, Varvey's SEO overview tool is This SEO checker gives you a general feedback about your Domain Strength, links, Image SEO, Social Counts, Missions etc. All the mentioned SEO checkers are free so you can use them even if you are on a low budget. A SEO checker is actually the best friend of a digital marketer.

Seo code
Although the word "SEO checker" has been recently added to the marketing language, it has been a major influence. Without the basic understanding of how SEO works, you can not promote your website. Like any other skill, practice makes perfect. The more you practice SEO, the better results will reach you. Fortunately, using a SEO checker makes your work very easy, and it guides you in the right direction. There are many tips and checks on how you can evaluate your SEO performance and how to increase it. A golden tip would be to keep the research. Google and other search engines always change the rules of the game, so what is applicable now does not mean that it will be applicable after five years. Always get more information about how search engines work and how you can improve your SEO.

Search Engine Optimization
So far many businesses are using a digital marketing agency to run their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, but there is no clue about what the abbreviation means, let's know what they want to do The agency is paying. Long story, the work of an SEO is to help your business grow. In a world where people of all ages and backgrounds constantly stick to one screen, SEO should be an essential piece of your marketing campaign. By optimizing your business website for organic search, you are allowing your products and / or services to search and search, which can increase your business rapidly.

For example, most people use Google (or Bing) to search for things like "Best Tacos Restaurant" or "Pet Stores in [City Name]". When people search for these types of questions, you want your website (when relevant) come on one, shouting, "Pick me up! Pick me up! "How can you do this, you can ask? The answer is good old SEO.

Many business owners think that they do not need SEO because they receive most of their business through referrals of the mouth. However, mouth marketing is an effective way to bring in business and make your reputation, but it is not a scalable way to develop your business. The digital landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years, and SEO is still an effective and important marketing strategy.
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