Backlinks are links only from other websites pointing to your site. They are considered by the readers as a search engine for your content.

Generally, the more links you get on your blog, the higher the likelihood of higher rankings.

However, sites linking to your blog can make or break your blog. If you find links to web spam content or blacklisted domains, it's really going to be bad and can harm your SEO.

You can use tools like SEMrush to track your link progress or grab data from your Google Search Console account. Fortunately, Google has DisaVow Tool that helps them know which links to ignore.


If you want a 24-hour clock on your backlink - which site links to your blog, link status (dofollow or not), anchor text, pages, etc., to try, SEMrush is an interesting SEO and Marketing app is.

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Before sharing some useful tips to earn backlinks for 2019 and above, let's touch some related points.

Internal links are important

Basically, these are links that point to the second page on the same blog. In other words, these are hyperlinks that point to the same domain as the domain on which the link exists. From search engine standpoints, internal links make your site 'crawlable'

Internal links reduce bounce rate because they point to your visitor's more interesting and related articles on the same site. It lasts more time on the site, which is another indicator of how useful your blog can be to visitors.

Link Building Link is Not Earned

Creating a link is a deliberate action to link your pages to external resources or pages on other websites. This is done through:

Blog comment,
Guest posting,
Article directories on article directories and Web 2.0 sites,
Signature of the forum,
Expired domain,
Profile link, etc.
Question: Are Links Made Natural? Share your thoughts below

Natural or biological links

Natural links are linked to earned links. You simply create an in-deputy article and it connects with readers who find it important and valuable. This is the most important link type of Google value.

Link bat

It is preparing content for linking to that web site for the strict purpose of wooing other web pages. There is no specific definition of what link links really are because it is very interesting to attract visitors and stay connected with other websites.

Dofollow or Nofollow?

One way to tell outbound link search engines is to "check out what I am linking"

What happens here ...

While web crawlers are crawling your pages, every time they find a link, they will follow the link and crawl the linked page as well.

But there is a condition to do this ...

If the link has a rel attribute with the nofollow value, then the search engines will ignore it. This does not mean that the link will be completely dead, though. Nofollow links still play a part in balancing your link profile.

Therefore, while linking to external resources, you have to decide whether it is a Dofalo or a Noflo link. But for your internal links, I would recommend making them dolphin.

How to Obtain Links
Any deliberate link you make is not natural. The only way to develop a more natural link is to reason that the reason for linking others to your articles is that it carries the value. Let them read the article and decide to link it.

Many bloggers and top websites will not just link to your article because you guys are pals or you have an affiliation. This is not something like "I link to you"

Google is against the few links placed on websites instead of some:

the product,
Mentions, etc.
You can go ahead and create links to your blog at your own risk. Link Building is one of the many reasons why many blogs are suffering from Google updates. If you think that you can cheat Google in any way, then I can guarantee that Google will one day find out how you're messing with it.

-> Networking with others and adding them

One of the most effective ways of attracting natural links is to join bloggers in your niche. Discussing with his friend and business partner, Karan Singh of blogging when said a few days ago that you did not succeed as an island, and that is true. You need others.

Once you get involved with active bloggers, who share your thoughts and content, make sure you link to them and promote them continuously. It will make a long way to strengthen your relationship and attract some of the reciprocity.

-> bottom line

Avoid anything black. Especially when your blog is concerned, do not let it go on your way. Focus on building useful content. Comment on the blog on the High Authority blog and comment on the blog enabled comments.

-> Conclusion

This is part 16 in the series to create a blog that generates income. If you are not performing follow-up, see the front page here

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