Friends, when we make a blog, then we bother the biggest quote and this is traffic to our blog? The pageviews on the blog are very low. Whenever we write a post we write a post. We have to work harder for that post. But you know, but even after doing all this, when someone comes to our blog if we do not come then we are very upset. Not so much, sometimes it seems that whatever has happened is enough in blogging, we do something else, and we start away from blogging. Work less on logs and spend more time
In this sense, "How to increase traffic on the blog?"

How to earn backlinks for your website in 2019 Rank Google Page # 1

How to increase blog traffic?

How to increase traffic to blog blogs for new bloggers? It's a big challenge, and who wants to solve it technically and gives time to work on the blog, it becomes a successful blogger Yes, yes, we work on the work we do on our blog. Are. If we do technically then the traffic of our blog can be increased.

So the quote is how technically how to work on blogs, people are simple, how much is your search on Google's article that you are thinking of writing on the article? Have you ever seen If the topic you're posting is only a search for that topic, where will the traffic from your blog come from?

First of all, you know how much traffic you are thinking of writing a post on. If there is any traffic on the topic you choose, traffic is coming to your blog.
How to increase traffic on the blog?
Well we try a lot of options to increase traffic on the blog.

  • Share post on social media
  • Write high quality text
  • Do not copy the article with anything
  • Write seo friendly post
  • Keyword research
  • Commenting on another blog


I have told all the ways here that we do for our blog.
What are Backlinks and How do I create Backlinks?
Remember, traffic on any blog does not increase overnight. If you want to increase the traffic coming to the blog then you will need to work hard and wait with it ...
"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet"
If you have the ability to introspect, just go ahead and publish it on a good article blog, regularly keep your blog up to 100% of traffic. Now talk about backlinks.

What is Backlinks?

Friends, whenever we talk about the traffic of the blog, the first thing comes backlinks? But for those who are new bloggers, backlinks are a bit difficult to understand, but here I say very simple and straightforwardly what is backlink?


Backlink is a way to go from one website to another, in simple words, when we make Backlink on another website, by clicking on that link, we come to our blog. This means that both web pages together, when people make a backlink, keep an eye on what the quality of that junklink is. Whatever backlink we make for our blog, it should be of good quality, then Google's attention can be attracted to your blog. If you are creating a backlink that is a low quality backlink then it is harmful to your blog.
"Be careful when you create backlinks"

Types of Backlinks?
Friends, if you create backlinks for blog then your blog can rank in Google, but this does not mean that you can make backlinks from anywhere. The backlinks we create for the blog are of two types.
1. Dofollow Backlinks
2. Nofollow Backlinks
Friends, backlinks are very important for the blog, where you are already, because much depends on Google's backlinks, the more you have backlinks, the more rich you are in the search engine
So, we can also say that if you want to be a blogging brand, then you have a property with backlinks.

What is Dofollow Backlink?

What is Dofollow Backlink?
Friends backlinks means moving from one web page to another webpage and through this the traffic of our blogs
When someone clicks on such a link, it goes from one blog to another blog. Dofollow backlinks are very beneficial in increasing our blog rank.
Dofollow backlink is something like this

<a href="your blog url"> link text </a>

Freinds, now you may have understood how dofollow backlinks happen and how many dofollow backlinks are there for our blog. Now we will understand how to make dofollow Backlink.

10 Tips to Improve SEO create Backlinks Performance for Your Website|Rank google 

How to make backlinks?

By the way, doing backlink is not difficult for any person who has nofollow or dofollow. I'm going to tell you some tricks here that do 100% work.

1. Quara

We have a questionnaire website that answers and we can get high quality backlinks from the queue. How to make backlinks from the queue? If you have such a question in your mind then friends are very simple.
Firstly, you will need to create an account at quara, you can go to in google or download app of quara. After registering on the queue, your blog will respond to related quotes. And when you reply, put the url of your blog together. Just become a backlink


Mix is ​​a great website to make backlinks. Traffic can increase from our blog. If you want to make a backlink from the mix, just go to and register with your email id.
Friends, when you post a post by publishing it, you have to give the url of that post also on, when you do this, the traffic will start coming to your blog.

3. Comment

We in this post

Does Dofollow Backlinks Work?

Step By Step is assuming that I have given you two high quality backlinks so far and if you make backlinks from Quara and Mix then you can get results only in 2-3 days. Now we understand how backlinks are made by commenting? .
Friends, it is not hard to do this. All you have to do is search the keyword of your post in Google. By doing so, Google will show you the top 10 blogs that are ranked higher on that keyword.
Now you have to go to each blog one by one, after reading the post, in the comment box, you have to write a complete description of the post and then post related to the post, writing a question, giving url of your blog . If the comment is approved, then it will become a backlink for your blog.

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